The Egg and Poultry Board acts from by power of law, and its members represent all those elements operating in the various fields of poultry raising – poultry coops, marketers, consumers, industry and government offices.
The following are the primary fields of the council's activity:

Production and Marketing

  • Data collection and the maintaining of an up-to-date database.
    • Concentration, processing and analysis of quantitative and financial data from all branches.
    • Analysis of trends, formulation of forecasts and review of the sector.
  • Planning and implementation of plans in those branches where it takes place.
  • Removal of surplus poultry product, including support of export.
  • Management of sectorial funds for regulation of manufacture and marketing.

Table Eggs

  • Approval, mobilization, and shutdown of quotas.
  • Control of spring chickens and egg-layers.
  • Matching reproduction egg manufacture to demand.
  • Concentrated handling of the removal of table eggs.


  • Approval of quotas and raising permits.
  • Planning and implementation of arrangements for the regulation of manufacture of coop products.
    • Coordination and management of negotiations between the various factors in the sector, for the initiation and formalization of arrangements.
    • Matching reproduction egg manufacture to demand.
    • Removal of surplus reproductive eggs.
    • Acceptance of frozen poultry stocks.
  • Additional activity
    • Supervision of marketing by means o organized marketing.
    • Payment of subsidies to the Galilee area – broilers and eggs.
    • Removal of egg-laying hens that have been taken out of the production cycle.
    • Coordination of the handling of insurance for poultry raising – by means of KNT – the Natural Disasters in Agriculture Fund.

Advertising and Sales Promotion

  • Consumption surveys and encouragement of consumption.
  • Participation in exhibitions and seminars.
  • Informational brochures and professional summaries for manufacturers.
  • Media advertising for encouragement of consumption.


  • Participation in the funding of research, for the improvement of manufacturing processes in all branches, carried out by the following research institutions: Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem – School of Agriculture, the Veterinarian Institute, the Institute for Agricultural Engineering and the Agricultural Research Administration.
  • Funding of field observations carried out by manufacturers – under the instruction of the Ministry of Agriculture training services.
  • Surveys – regarding inputs and outputs in the sector.
    Product Quality Control
  • Tests for identification of biological detritus in poultry and eggs.
  • Enforcement of the Food Ordinances – Eggs.Inspection of egg freshness and quality – at the sorting stations and at points of sale.

Poultry Health

  • The poultry health system, managed by the council, acts through four labs located around the country, dealing in the diagnosis of diseases, supervision and the provision of clinical services, including actions for the prevention of diseases and the spreading thereof.



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